Most Popular Baseball Autographs


A list of the most popular baseball autographs has been fairly standard stuff over the years.  Start with Hall of Famers, mix in some of the fan favorites who didn’t quite get there and add in some of today’s current stars.  Which ones you collect depends on what era or element of baseball you like […]

James Spence Authentication Information


What is the value in James Spence Authentication? James Spence is simply one of the most respected autograph authenticators in the business. The trust that accompanies his name is symbolic of the professionalism Spence has utilized for many years. As the possibility of fake autographs becomes more prevalent, so does the critical need for having […]

Pete Rose Autograph Still a Hit for Many

Pete Rose autographed photo

He may have left Major League Baseball under a cloud of suspicion, but the rest of his illustrious career is still something to be proud of and commemorate. He was the ultimate switch-hitter, and a Pete Rose autograph is still a must for anyone putting together a collection of the greatest players of all time. […]

Autographed Nolan Ryan Memorabilia: Affordable Excellence

Famous Nolan Ryan signed photograph

For those who grew up anytime from 1969 through the early 1990s, acquiring autographed Nolan Ryan memorabilia was a huge deal.  The Express was one of the few pitchers capable of throwing a no-hitter any time, any place.  And he did it…seven times.  Fans ate it up and so did those who fancied themselves collectors. […]

Signed Team Baseballs Capture Slice of History


Signed team baseballs offer a snapshot of a given team at a precise moment in time. Stars, semi-stars, and less heralded players are all represented equally. In fact, the autographs of many commons may be harder to come by individually than many stars. While the accomplishments of a team in a given season can be […]