Display Cases for Autographed Footballs are Important

If you have a collection, buying a few display cases for autographed footballs can be just what you need to actually keep them safe and sound. The truth is that a signed football is quite expensive to buy, not to mention hard to get sometimes, so you might as well take good care of it. There are thousands of people who have found out the hard way that leaving a signed football out in the open can destroy the look and the value of the ball.  In this article, learn how to find autographed football cases with no problem and at the cheapest rates.

What kind of football cases are available?

display case for footballsThere are many ways to store autographed footballs, but the most common is putting them in glass or plexiglass case. Most of them are usually shaped as a box. Another way is also to place it on a small cube or stand, and then you can simply place the football on the stand. Others like to place these grand stand cases and mount them to the wall.  Both will showcase your footballs nicely

Benefits of display cases for autographed footballs

Using a Sharpie or buying a ball signed with a Sharpie is advised, but sometimes even autographs signed with such a good marker can fade after a few years if not protected.  They won’t, however, if you just take the necessary step of protecting them.  Keeping them out of the sunlight and away from the hands of children as much as possible is just as important as the case itself.    Autographed football display cases will keep the oils in your hands from destroying the ball over time, yet you’ll still be able to see the ball, especially if you buy a case that’s clear all the way around (most are designed this way).

It is nice to have your autographed football in a case to give it a nice place to stay. It is definitely worth it in the end to get a nice looking case to make sure that it can stay safe. It is great for also showing it off to friends.  It’s easier to make a ‘case’ that they should be displayed if they’re in something that looks good!  Learning how to display sports memorabilia is actually an important part of being a collector.

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How To Find Display Cases For Autographed Footballs

The best places to find a variety of display cases for autographed footballs are through this link to Amazon.com.   It’s why we’ve partnered with them here on Diamond Autographs.  They offer a tremendous variety and the best prices. It is common for different cases to cost anywhere, from $25 to $100 depending on the design. The best deals are usually the ones between $25-$75 and those that are in the $40-50 range. They are definitely much more sturdy and reliable for when they are accidentally dropped.  Avoid cheap models, but try not to buy anything that costs way too much since the cases essentially all do the same thing.  However, if you’re building a super high quality display or have a very, very special football, buying the high end, glass-enclosed type models would certainly be a good idea also.

eBay is another alternative.  Click here to see what is available now.

Display cases for autographed footballs are wonderful to own. If they aren't used, the football with the autograph can really look different years from now. Being careful with how you actually care for your football is definitely worth it. Consider buying from either eBay or Amazon to save time.