Photo Debunks Honus Wagner Anti-Tobacco Story

Honus Wagner smoking cigar

If you are a collector, chances are you know about the scarcity of the Honus Wagner T206, but do you know the full story?  The card itself is considered the most popular and recognizable trading cards in history.  It has been the center of controversy for over 100 years.  The reason why it is so […]

Display Cases for Autographed Footballs are Important

display case for footballs

If you have a collection, buying a few display cases for autographed footballs can be just what you need to actually keep them safe and sound. The truth is that a signed football is quite expensive to buy, not to mention hard to get sometimes, so you might as well take good care of it. […]

Storing Autographed Baseballs: Protecting Your Collection

display case

Autographed memorabilia are close to one’s heart due to their significance. The connection between the player and fan is established. Most fans love to appreciate their autographed items by placing them in a safe location.  Storing autographed baseballs requires an investment but it’s important.  It’s also vital to know what to buy and where to […]

Autograph For Sale Online Best With Reputable COA


If you have tired of waiting in crowds or long lines to get autographs of your favorite sports stars, you can choose an autograph for sale–fully authenticated– here online. Whether you are purchasing a ball, bat, jersey or photograph, you want something that will be a cherished keepsake, not a forgery. It’s relatively easy for […]

Baseball Autograph Collecting Tips

Nolan Ryan autograph

A true baseball autograph fan will have an eager approach to gaining signatures. For the older, valuable autographs, like Lou Gehrig, Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth, you will need to look at purchasing them from a reputable source. But if you’re into the current stars as well, like Derek Jeter and Albert Pujols, this can […]